EHX Micro Q-Tron + Buff'n'Blend hack

I own an Electro Harmonics Micro Q-Tron, but it always bugged me how the volume increased so much when activating the pedal. To counter that, I ordered a “Buff N´ Blend” (link to Musikding – no affiliation! – originally from GuitarPCB), which allows to mix a dry and wet signal of an effects loop. Originally I wanted to put it into a seperate enclosure, but while building I found out that it does fit directly into the Micro Q-Tron.

Here’s a demo video:

To do so, just replace the original 3PDT switch with the “Buff N´ Blend” switch/PCB. The original switch is connected to the main PCB with a ribbon cable with 6 wires. Unsolder that cable and create connections to the B’n’B as follows (looking at the back of the box, left to right):

Since I always use external power supplies, I got the 9v for the B’n’B from the pedal power input. I soldered GND to the left pad of diode right next to the power jack on the PCB and +9v to a little open pad a little bit above that same diode, also on the right side of the power jack.

I did not use the LED at all, since the one of the Q-Tron still works as expected.

Finally I needed to put C2 on the opposite site of the PCB (where the PDT switch is) and bend Q1 down to make it fit into the Micro Q-Tron enclosure.